Privacy Policy

The Vegan Filter Privacy Policy was last updated on 30 July 2021.

How we use your personal information

This privacy policy relates to the services provided by Positive Impact Technologies Ltd on google chrome plugin The Vegan Filter (“TVF”) and website

The Vegan Filter allows opt-in to a pre-defined profile without creating an individual account and use this preference profile when browsing partnering online websites.

Our commitment to protecting your personal information

Whenever you provide personal information to a third party, that party is legally obliged to use your information in line with data protection law.

However, no software or application can be completely secure. If you have any concerns, please contact us at [email protected]

This privacy policy explains the following:

  • the services available via The Vegan Filter and who is involved in them
  • who the data controller is for the personal data processed through The Vegan Filter
  • what information we collect about you
  • what information we hold about you and the source of that information
  • how we use your personal data and why
  • where your data is stored
  • your rights
  • points of contact for queries, objections and complaints

The Vegan Filter services and who we are

The Vegan Filter allows you to use google chrome plugin on partnering online sites for more relevant user experiences, such as expedited access to products, services, contents or offers. The key organisations involved in TVF and their respective roles are as follows:

Positive Impact Technologies Ltd

Positive Impact Technologies Ltd was incorporated in 2018 in Switzerland.

Our goal is to create relevant online experiences for users (individuals), in collaboration with online companies.

Find out more on the The Vegan Filter website

Positive Impact Technologies is responsible for managing The Vegan Filter website (, which provides information about The Vegan Filter service and the lifecycle of TVF google chrome browser add-on

For any queries relating to the functionality of the Positive Impact Technologies service, please contact [email protected].

Third-party online companies

Positive Impact Technologies Ltd is partnering with third-party online companies.

As part of the TVF service, users can define if they want to / do not want to use TVF on specific third-party websites.

The third-party online companies are responsible for deciding what information they capture about users visiting their websites.

Personal data

The organisation that is the controller or processor of your personal data will depend on the service to which it relates for example:

How we use your personal data and why

You won’t be able to use TVF unless you have agreed to its terms of use and this privacy policy.

Your personal data is not captured by TVF chrome extension.

Personal data for which TVF is the controller within the scope of the TVF Where this data is stored and processed

We do not store your personal data. We store your preferences within the use of the TVF chrome extension in which your personal information is not captured.

In some circumstances we may use services who may process this data outside of the UK. In this instance, TVF contractually ensures the supplier / business partner protects any personal data in line with GDPR and TVF’s requirements. This can be done in a number of different ways, for instance by ensuring:

  • the country the personal data is sent is approved by the European Commission
  • the supplier / business partner may have signed a contract based on “model contractual clauses” or “binding corporate rules” approved by the European Commission, obliging them to protect your personal information, or
  • where the supplier / business partner is located in the US, it may be a certified member of the EU-US Privacy Shield scheme.

Your rights

Data Protection laws provide a number of rights to you. These rights are listed below.

You can exercise your rights by contacting the appropriate data controller.

If you wish to contact TVF, please use the contact details at the bottom of this page.

Your rights applicable to mailing list membership(s), service desk information, feedback & surveys are:

  • to know how your data will be collected, processed and stored, and for what purposes
  • request a copy of your personal data
  • correct your personal data errors or omissions
  • request we delete your details (only for mailing list membership(s) and feedback & surveys if you withdraw your consent)
  • request we restrict our use of your personal data (for example, if you think it’s inaccurate and needs to be corrected before it’s used)

Points of contact for queries

Should you have any queries in relation to the use of your personal data within the TVF services, or on TVF generally, you should write to us at [email protected]

Objections and complaints about TVF

We will investigate and attempt to resolve any data privacy objections and complaints relating to the TVF.

We will make every reasonable effort to allow you to exercise your rights as quickly as possible and within the timescales provided by data protection laws.

You can contact our Data Protection Office to make a complaint by email: [email protected]

Changes to the privacy policy

The terms of our privacy policy may change from time to time. We will inform you and request your continued agreement if we make any significant changes to our privacy policy or terms & conditions.

Last updated: 30 July 2021