We set vegan filters for you.

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We set vegan filters for you.

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For faster vegan shopping on your favourite sites

The Vegan Filter is live on more than 20 shopping sites!

... and more sites to come!

We set vegan filters for you when you browse

             The Vegan Filter is a Chrome browser extension that automatically sets vegan filters for you when you browse shopping sites. It helps you find vegan groceries, fashion and cosmetic products faster.

The new lifehack for long-time, new and transitioning vegans.

For the planet. For the animals. For you.


Shop smart with The Vegan Filter!

Shopping without 

The Vegan Filter

More and more shopping sites offer vegan products. Many have vegan filters - but leave the clicking to you.

❌ You need to set vegan filters manually

❌ You have to repeat this on every site you visit, over and over

❌ You spend unnecessary time searching for vegan products


Once vegan, always vegan. :) 

So why not take the effort out of shopping online?

✔️ Vegan filters are automatically set for you

✔️ Find vegan products faster and more conveniently

✔️ No account or email required - just 3 clicks to install

The Vegan Filter in action

We let you know when The Vegan Filter is active - for that extra peace of mind when you shop online.    

It's easy to see when vegan filters are set for you. Just watch out for the flash as you browse.    

Go to the extension for more information. In this example, The Vegan Filter is active on Sainsbury's.    

What others say about The Vegan Filter

  'I LOVE The Vegan Filter. Just what we vegans need when browsing the endless food websites with no avail to sourcing products we can eat.'

  'I have heard a lot of buzz around what you do and I think it’s such a great service. It's my pleasure to support The Vegan Filter - it's very valuable and should be shared.'  

  'The Vegan Filter turns the internet into a shopping paradise. It makes buying vegan groceries, cosmetics, and apparel easier than ever.'

  Jessica Gatfield

TOP 25 UK Vegan Blogger

  Siobhan Llinos Gale

TOP 50 UK Vegan Blogger

  Anna Starostinetskaya at VegNews

#1 Plant-Based Magazine Worldwide


We're delighted to be supported by the following organisations


 Fighting Animal Abuse &  Promoting a Cruelty-free Lifestyle 

One of the UK’s longest established animal rights groups, campaigning peacefully against all forms of animal abuse and promoting cruelty-free living.      


Viva! is the UK's leading vegan campaigning charity. Since 1994, Viva! has worked tirelessly to create a kinder world for animals. Viva! exposes the truth about modern farming practices and shows people the joys of a more compassionate lifestyle.


The Retreat Animal Rescue Farm Sanctuary 

The Retreat offers support to all animals - farmed, domestic and wild. The number of animals being cared for by The Retreat is over 1,000 at any one time.


Center For Effective Vegan Advocacy (CEVA) / ProVeg

ProVeg is an international food awareness organisation with the mission to reduce global animal consumption by 50% by the year 2040. 


Considering to go vegan? Join more than 300,000 who signed up to Veganuary 2020!


  'Sainsbury's Onboard With The Vegan Filter'

- Scott Thompson, Editor Retail Technology Innovation Hub

  'Retailers Go Vegan With Browser Extension'

- Retail Technology  

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