Increase your blog's organic traffic from Google 


Vegans are looking for fantastic vegan resources. We help them find your blog by highlighting your Google search results as vegan, like for Plant Based News.



To highlight your blog as a vegan resource and attract more visitors, all you need to do is to copy and paste the following code on your website.

We set vegan filters for you.

No signup. No account.

When you copy the code, a small The Vegan Filter badge automatically appears on your blog. Please contact us and we’ll set the vegan highlights. 


From then on, whenever The Vegan Filter users search for related information on Google, your blog will be highlighted as a vegan resource. 

Who are The Vegan Filter users? The Vegan Filter is the #1 vegan shopping tool. We make it quick and easy to find vegan products on shopping sites. More here >> The Vegan Filter for consumers.

Let's veganise the world together! 🙌

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