We set vegan filters for you.

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We set vegan filters for you.

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Our Top Vegan Lifehack in 2020

You learned about the many benefits of a plant-based lifestyle. You’re committed to making the switch or already have banned meat and dairy. You want to stay true to your ethical and moral compass. But how do you make your life easy when it’s time for the weekly grocery shop, or that next pair of shoes?

Shopping vegan makes many of us feel like Indiana Jones sometimes. While product labelling is improving, finding vegan products online is still a daunting challenge - especially for new and transitioning vegans.

This new tool lends a helping hand - The Vegan Filter is a browser extension that automatically sets vegan filters for you when you browse shopping sites. It helps you find vegan products faster and makes shopping vegan the new default on your favourite sites.

Switch your web to vegan

Once The Vegan Filter is installed, vegan filters are set across shopping sites. And when The Vegan Filter is on, it stays on. So you can browse groceries, fashion and cosmetics with ease. The extension is live on major UK retail sites including Sainsbury’s, Ocado, Holland & Barret, M&S and Topshop – and will be available in more countries soon.

Listed below are the key benefits of using The Vegan Filter:

✅ Find vegan products faster

✅ Have confidence in new products you come across

✅ Cut out the noise of non-vegan products – out of sight is out of mind!

How to get started

The Vegan Filter is currently available for Chrome. All you need to do is to add the Vegan Filter extension to your Chrome browser.

1. Go to The Vegan Filter on the Chrome Webstore

2. Click on ‘Add to Chrome’

3. On the next screen, confirm that the extension is added to your browser

You are set to go!

The extension is free, for anyone to try and use.

Give The Vegan Filter a go on your next shopping adventure!

Behind the scenes

The Vegan Filter is created by a small team of digital entrepreneurs in the heart of London. We love to hear from fellow vegans and those on their journey, so please contact us if you have a question or any comments.

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