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Top Vegan Self-Care Products

By Lily Abear

Self-care, self-care, hell yeah for self-care!

Truth be told, we all need to take better care of ourselves. It’s a busy life, rarely do we have a lot of time to really focus on making ourselves feel better.

A good place to start would be being nicer to our skin, as not only will it make us feel good externally, but also internally, because when you notice differences in your skin after giving it a freshen up, you’re bound to feel lifted within!

We’ve got some goodies for you, products that will work wonders if you want to give your skin a boost. We love us some self love and these items contribute to that.

Be kind to you, reader. You deserve it, so we hope you like what we’ve rounded up:

1. Sukin Moisturiser

Where to even begin?! A brand that proudly states that it is vegan and cruelty free, full of natural ingredients, and is also a wonderful product. Moisturiser is quite a fundamental skin care product and we think this specific one is a blessing. Be sure to check out Sukin’s other awesome products!


  • Leaves skin feeling super soft
  • Full of antioxidants and natural products
  • Will leave your face feeling fresh and bright


  • You may want to purchase the entire brand. Could be slightly dangerous for your bank account…

2. Hurraw Lip Balm

It’s vital to take care of your lips as the skin is much thinner than other parts on the body. With that said, a lip balm is a must have to keep them feeling hydrated and soft. This brand provides all the right ingredients and qualities to be reliable. A variety of flavours and some are pigmented too!


  • Super moisturising
  • Perfect size to fit in your pocket/a makeup bag
  • You need only apply a little, to feel a big change


  • A little costly, but your lips will be grateful!

3. Yes To Coconut Micellar Water

If you wear make up, we think you may be interested in this. It’s essential to wash off beauty products after keeping them on for however long, let that skin breeeeathe! Couple pumps of this product and you’re bound to feel brand new again.


  • Lightweight & good for many types of skin
  • Doesn’t leave skin feeling dry
  • Able to give face a deep clean


  • The coconut scent is strong. But the coconut scent is delightful.

4. Ecoshoot Reusable Cotton Pads

Can’t have a make up remover without some make up removers right!? Bamboo, reusable, eco-friendly skin pads oh what an absolute delight! Not to mention we are being spoilt with the price!


  • Both sides can be used (black side for mascara & lipstick)
  • Works as an exfoliator too
  • Absolutely zero waste


  • Make sure to keep the bag tied up securely when washing pads – to save them flying around the washing machine!

5. Vegan Fox Body Scrub

Vegan in the name? Uhhhh… yes please! Nourishing product that because it is exfoliating, will make you feel oh so luxurious! Not only that, your muscles will feel relaxed. All these benefits, it’s basically magic, right?


  • Removes all dead skin cells
  • Peppermint scent that’ll leave a cooling effect on your skin
  • Will leave you with a real glow


  • Let’s face it, you may use this more than you ever plan on!

6. BeBarefaced Facial Cleanser 

Pollution, stress, and many other factors go into causing skin to break out. A good cleanser is fundamental if you want to be rid of any impurities. Fragrance and chemical free to make sure your face gets the best results possible. We really do recommend.


  • Free of parabens, silicones & sulphates
  • Good for any skin types
  • Doesn’t irritate skin or leave any redness


  • You might start touching your face more and more because of how delightful your skin is going to feel!

We hope you decide to give love to yourself and pick out some of these lovely products.

Remember, we all go through hard times and can’t be happy all of the time, but it’s very important to be kind and caring to you. Even just simple things like a quick face wash, can make all the difference. Just know, those clouds will always pass.

Amazon have many other products to choose from, if you feel the desire to change it up, we are in awe of all the items available to us and will be sure to try some others.

The Vegan Filter can make a difference in the way you shop too! Our free browser extension filters out all non vegan products so you can save time by seeing all the products without having to scan ingredients over and over again, brilliant right?

Disclosure: We earn commission as an affiliate for some products we review, from vegan brands or affiliate programs. Earned commission goes towards the creation and promotion of vegan product news and running www.theveganfilter.com. We only promote those products we have investigated and truly feel would be of value to you.

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