We set vegan filters for you on your favourite shopping sites.

We set vegan filters for you on your favourite shopping sites.

Our Top 6 Premium Vegan Fashion Picks

At The Vegan Filter, we adore veganism in every shape and form.

For those of you new to veganism, you might think it’s a wonderful, sustainable and healthy way to change your diet... and you would be right. But actually, veganism is far more than a diet. For millions around the world, veganism is a way of life and that includes the clothes and accessories we wear.

With that in mind, we’ve pulled together a collection of our absolute favourite premium vegan fashion picks. We’ve chosen items for him and her and they are all vegan friendly and guaranteed to dazzle. With these 6 gorgeous picks, you can not only showcase your personality, but be confident that everything you’re wearing is full of vegan goodness.

More into chic and casual? We are also working on a rundown in that fashion department which will be hitting a browser near you in the coming week.

Here are our top 6 vegan fashion picks:

1. KINDERWILDER - Classic Weave Natural Fedora Panama Hat

An elegant fedora hat from the queens of classic hat style.

A picture says a thousand words, so it's difficult to give this elegant fedora any further justice than those stunning visuals. But we'll tell you about the finer details and they really are finer details when it comes to KINDERWILDER hats. This fedora has a 7cm brim, is handwoven by artisans in Ecuador and assuredly Fair Trade. It’s also 100% vegan and PETA-Vegan approved.

This Classic Weave Natural Fedora Panama Hat is made from 100% organic carludovica palmata (toquilla straw) which brings out a classy champagne hue in the look.

Whether you’re stepping out for a stroll, or sipping something sweet in the garden- this beautiful fedora is a special statement piece that will finish off your summer wardrobe.

Use code Vegansummer20 for 20% off all KINDERWILDER panama hats.

2. Votch - Silver and Pinatex Classic Watch

A timeliness timepiece, this effortlessly stylish watch is made from brushed steel and pineapple fibres.

Correct, that does say pineapple fibres. To be precise, like the brushed stainless steel hands of this Votch watch, it’s actually the leaves of a pineapple. This handsome watch is fitted with an easy release strap, which is made from the fibres of the pineapple plant, an excess resource called Piñatex. This Piñatex is a by-product from the pineapple harvest and provides additional income for the farmers growing this wondrous fruit. It’s also vegan friendly.

It’s important to be on time but it’s also important to look and feel good when arriving on time. This luxury watch from Votch will tick both of those boxes.

If cared for and respected, this unique Votch watch will be a lifetime piece and should put a smile on your face everytime you flick up your wrist.

3. Dappad - Capsule Wardrobe Box

A consciously cool capsule wardrobe that’s vegan friendly.

This compact little box houses some very smart vegan threads, and the best part is that it’s completely tailored to you! It’s a wonderful idea to keep your wardrobe trim, minimal and looking sharp.

The capsule wardrobe box from Dappad is the perfect gift for the guy in your life, or the perfect gift for yourself. All you do is answer a few questions about your style preferences and Dappad curate a box for you. You might have heard of similar services but Dappad comes with the added bonus that all the items are vegan friendly, so you can walk with style and with substance.

This sample box includes white tennis-style sneakers from French brand Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather (GREAT name), which is the first ever vegan shoe company. It also holds an ethical hemp shirt from Eton and plant powered jeans from Velour, by Nostalgi.

This carefully curated box is good for the planet and for your street cred.

4. Hurtig Lane - Nelio Square Vegan Leather Wristwatch

A square faced timepiece bursting with elegance and timeless appeal

Hurtig Lane are Barcelona based watchmakers and their drive for minimal and elegant style really permeates through this lovely square watchface. The strap is totally vegan, using a leather alternative that is of course cruelty free - as it’s not real leather! The watch face and strap come in 16 variations, giving you plenty of options to find your favourite.

This Neliö watch is glamorous, elegant and a great pairing for any outfit and sure to lift your look. Tell the time knowing you are making the world a little bit of a better place.

This gorgeous square watch from Hurtig Lane is really a statement piece, it’s teetering on a vintage look and we really dig that.

We’ve even teamed up with Hurtig Lane to offer an exclusive 20% off your order if you use the discount code VEGANFILTER at checkout.

5. Finch & Walker - Adalia Bag Mini

A strikingly stylish mini bag made from leather alternatives.

Who would have thought it? This little looker from Finch & Walker is actually made from alternative leathers. It’s totally gorgeous and completely vegan. This over-the-shoulder bag is designed with smooth faux leather cuts and features a striking metallic strap and a magnetic closure. It’s also surprisingly spacious, with room for your essentials and it even has a hidden pocket for your valuables.

Enliven your look with this Finch & Walker bag in grey, it’s elegance and classic shape means it will pair nicely if you’re dressing up or down.

This Adalia Bag Mini from Finch & Walker looks like it came straight off the catwalk.

You can rock this look for less by claiming 10% off your order with the code Vegan10 - only valid until 30th June 2020.

6. Sarah Regensburger - Ninja Dress

Inspired by the Japanese ninja warrior, this dress reflects the strength of the modern woman.

The Ninja Dress is blended with a gorgeous, soft to the touch and high quality certified organic cotton. This beauty is part of the Sarah Regensburger’s AW20 Collection "Rebel of the Future".

It is PETA approved vegan and free from any animal based material. The dress is a half black, half white with an extreme high “ninja” collar detail and thumbhole detail on the sleeves.

This ninja dress from Sarah Regensburger will channel your inner Japanese ninja spirit.

Vegan fashion makes you look and feel good, these top 6 pieces embody that in their outstanding design and creative use of vegan friendly materials.

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