We set vegan filters for you on your favourite shopping sites.

We set vegan filters for you on your favourite shopping sites.

The Top 6 Chic & Casual Vegan Fashion Picks

At The Vegan Filter, we love to be more sustainable with our choices. It’s important for us to be conscious about the footprint we leave on the planet.

These 6 wonderful fashion items make you look and feel amazing, but also contribute to making a healthier and happier Earth. All brands believe in being ethical and they each bring something amazing to the world of vegan- which is a pretty cool place anyway!

Here are our top picks:

1. LaBante London - Kensington Nude Vegan Cross-Body Bag

Do you like elegant bags? Something classy and sophisticated? We’ve got just the thing. This cross-body bag from LaBante adds a real glam touch to any outfit. The gorgeous combination of colours is enough to make anyone take a second glance of appreciation.

You’re able to fit so many essentials within this delightful piece, it will keep all those valuables safe. And what makes LaBante London even more loveable is that each bag is manufactured with recycled products, and the outer parts are crafted with vegetable by-products too!

A proudly ethical brand that continues to show that you can be sustainable AND create a work of art – we love it!

2. Love Gang - Women’s Bamboo Vest

Everyone should bring out their inner rockstar from time to time, and fashion plays a big role in that. Here we present to you, this awesome ‘Sex, Hummus and Veggie Roll’ vest top. Made from 70% bamboo and 20% organic cotton, this vest is 100% vegan and we don’t think there is anything more bad-ass than that!

Both materials provide ultimate comfort, so you can not only look great, but also feel wrapped in total softness. As we all know, vegan sausage rolls have taken over the UK, so why not represent them in your very own vest?!

The perfect number to throw on if you’re headed to a festival or something a little quieter, paired with some vegan Doc Martens and jeans, you’re ready to rock and (veggie) roll!

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3. ETHCS - Ethics Tee

For a long time, ETHCS have paved the way for vegan fashion. They make sustainable and ethical products that have become increasingly popular across the vegan community.

The Ethics Tee comes with major comfort and quality that will last. Made using up to 95% recycled monsoon water, with the material being 100% combed organic cotton, this is definitely the way forward when it comes to how fashion is created.

Though it is a simple design, it boldly tells it as it is. The perfect gift for someone who is just becoming vegan or who has been vegan for a while.

For any gender and for any wardrobe, this tee gives the minimalist vibe of a true statement piece!

4. The Morphbag by GSK - Deep Sea & Cloud Set

In this busy life, we love to be able to rely on a bag that has stability, space, and isn’t too big if you’re moving around a lot. We are spoilt for choice here as this set comes with three faux leather, colour co-coordinated bags that each tie in with your daily activities.

If that isn’t already fantastic, the material used is 100% PU leather that has been coated and textured to have a like-to-like grain for look, touch and quality as animal leather but is cruelty free. The lining of the cross-body bag is made from recycled water bottles, and the tote bag can be turned inside out. Could it really get any better?

Combine versatility and reliability with a gorgeous design and that is exactly what you get here!

5. Plant Faced Clothing - Plant Based Kanji Tee

Let’s face it, if you are already thinking of becoming more conscious about your clothing and how it’s sourced, you’re pretty cool. Put on one of these awesome t-shirts and you just might be the coolest.

Plant Faced Clothing have put together this Japanese inspired shirt and we could not love it more. An edgy, unique design that is the perfect way to show that vegan fashion is on the rise..

The Plant Based Kanji tee is made from 100% organic cotton and printed with eco-friendly water-based inks. This vegan tee doesn’t only help you look rad, it also helps the planet: Everytime you purchase an item on the Plant Faced Clothing website, a tree is planted!

Curious people may ask about it, leading them to try a plant based lifestyle!

6. ALIVE, The Vegan Boutique - Thalie Vegan Backpack

Backpacks are definitely a must have when you’re on the go. Alive, The Vegan Boutique, have created a gorgeous backpack that comes in three different colours so you can find your favourite and be ultra stylish.

You are given plenty of space to pack items you need for the day, and crafted with faux leather, you can walk around looking amazing without having harmed any animals for your fashion.

This brilliant brand has also got many other vegan items across their website from shoes to watches, to belts - as well as other consciously cool bags amongst their new INYATI collection.

The excellent quality of this Thalie Backpack will leave you with a long-term love for the years to come.

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