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Top Vegan Body Essentials

By Lily Abear

What’s your favourite song to sing in the shower?

We like Whitney, we also like pretending we can sing as beautifully… that is until we begin to hear some faint shushing in the background. Thanks, other house members!

What we can keep continue doing though, is using some of these awesome products we’ve lined up for you. It isn’t always easy to find vegan and cruelty free shower/body care essentials but here you have some we highly recommend trying.

A variety of items for everyone and anyone and here are the contenders :

1. Faith in Nature Body Wash

Ooooh, grapefruit and orange. What a delicious combination of smells! No parabens or SLS so your body will be even more grapeful. Grateful, sorry. This cruelty free and vegan brand offer many different items and can be found in shops like Holland & Barrett too.


  • A scent that leaves you feeling refreshed and clean
  • Outstanding quality
  • Works as a good bubble bath too!


  • Might you love it so much that you use it up quicker than expected? Always a possibility.

2. Hemp Body Scrubber

Obviously the above product requires the perfect mitt to wash with! Hemp is a fantastic material, it is eco friendly, lasts a really long time and is ideal for a thorough clean. Watch your skin flourish with this total find.


  • Helps with acne, dry skin & many other skin issues
  • Pop in the washing machine & use all over again!
  • Makes skin feel extra smooth


  • Be careful not to be too vigorous with scrubbing, it may feel a little rough

3. Omuci’s Nothing to Hide Sunscreen

Here in the UK, we do get some really sunny & warm weather from time to time. Unexpectedly, yes, so it’s always good to keep stocked up on sun tan lotion for when the temperatures rise & skies are blue. A vegan and cruelty free sun lotion can be tough to find, however, this one manages to be just right.


  • This brand have both a 15 & 50 spf option
  • Absorbs just like a moisturiser
  • Goes on smoothly without feeling greasy


  • A little runny, so be careful when applying, we think the greatness of it outweighs any downfall though!

4. Kind Natured Foot Cream

OK, we know feet can be a little icky to some, but we need to take care of them! Many people are on their feet all day and often neglect the fact that they need a good looking after. So if you are wanting to have feet that feel wonderful and smooth, we’ve got just the thing. Kind is exactly what this cream is, whether it be because it’s cruelty free or a real blessing to the skin, it’s a cream we will be keeping.


  • Contains vitamin E to add a real nourishing effect
  • A real bargain
  • A real healer for the heels


  • A strange feeling of actually liking your feet may occur. Trust us, they will feel that lovely!

5. Sanctuary Spa Body Lotion

Our bodies are basically sanctuaries, right? We must treat them nicely. Which means once you’ve showered, pop on some of this delicious lotion and feel like a dream. Aloe Vera AND Argan Oil, what more could you ask for to make your skin feel lovely and smooth?


  • You will be smelling oh so heavenly.
  • Long lasting cream
  • Easy to apply


  • 1 pump could turn into 10. In one go. Fact.

6. Hemp Oil Hand & Nail Treatment

Just like our feet, we use our hands an awful lot throughout the day, and hands actually happen to be one of the top body parts that age first. We had better look after them and keep them feeling soft & gentle. Hemp is a really good ingredient which is why we’re suggesting this in particular.


  • All natural ingredients
  • Helps lower any pain or swelling
  • Will give a deep replenish


  • Hard not to reapply without really needing to!

And there we have it, readers. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about our favourite essentials, just as much as we’ve liked writing about them.

There’s something for everyone, all skin types and gender/non gender included. What do you think you may like?

Amazon have a great collection of all of the above and more, and what’s even better is that The Vegan Filter can help you further find just what you’re after.

With our free browser extension, all non vegan items will be filtered out so you have the chance to search for some awesome products without spending time reading ingredients.

Disclosure: We earn commission as an affiliate for some products we review, from vegan brands or affiliate programs. Earned commission goes towards the creation and promotion of vegan product news and running www.theveganfilter.com. We only promote those products we have investigated and truly feel would be of value to you.

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