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Our Top 5 Tesco Picks

At The Vegan Filter we love veganism. Do you?

Most of you will have heard about veganism and know something about it. Whether that’s from friends, from the news, Earthling Ed’s latest video on the corona virus or just from the galaxy speaking to you on a deeper level.

In fact, we’d be very surprised if there’s anyone out there who hasn’t heard a lot about veganism in the last months and years. It’s become a phenomenon, with thousands, even millions of people around the world adopting veganism as their lifestyle and purpose.

But actually, that brings a challenge. For a lot of people looking to become vegan and embrace the benefits of a vegan lifestyle and diet, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start.

Where do I shop? Which ingredients should I eat? Will it be expensive? Will I need to drive hundreds of miles to find mysterious vegan stores? What is aquafaba? (Okay, maybe not that last question).

To those of you looking to become vegan, have no fear! We have the answer. Our clever Google Chrome add-on - The Vegan Filter - filters the vegan products within your favourite online supermarkets, making shopping easy as vegan pie. There’s no need to change your food shop routine.

To kick things off we’ve picked out our favourite products from Tesco. Here are the top 5 products from the freezer, alt-milk and refrigerator sections:

1. Sticky Smokehouse Oumph

This little beauty is made from soya beans, it’s super high in protein and fibre, and a great source of iron too. We love the creativity of this product and it’s especially exciting for those vegans who have recently moved away from meat, but still looking for that ‘ribs style fillet’ experience - but without the ribs, of course!

2. Tesco ‘Own Brand’ Vegan Cheese

The first thing to say about these vegan cheeses, is we really appreciated the clear labelling. It sounds boring but a bright and bold V for vegan standing out in green makes these so easy to spot. This is especially helpful when looking for cheese alternatives as the packaging can be similar to regular cheese.

These vegan alternatives to jalapeno & chilli cheddar and grated mozzarella are delicious and we paired the spicy cheddar with both Beyond Burger and Bean Burgers (see below) for a delicious cheeseburger, truly scrumptious.

3. Tesco ‘Own Brand’ Bean Burgers

At The Vegan Filter, we are BIG fans of bean burgers. Tesco's own brand bean burgers are surprisingly spicy. It’s what you’d expect from a good bean burger, light and well flavoured. Crisp outside, well breadcrumbed and full of beaney goodness.

4. Beyond Meat - The Beyond Burger

These meat-free burgers are like the David Beckham of the vegan world, they’re kind of a big deal. And we love them.

We love that this meat-free burger retains its flavour and juiciness, much like a meat-based burger. This Beyond Burger was made to replicate the meat-eaters experience, in-fact their slogan even claims you won’t believe it’s not meat. The patties themselves are plant-based and pack a whopping 20g of protein per serving, so unlike a beef-burger, a great meal option for post-workout or run.

5. Wicked Kitchen Meals

We picked up a few Wicked bits because we couldn’t resist. Nana's Mushroom Bolognese, BBQ Shreds & Greens and the Wicked Mac, vegan style.

The Shreds and Greens are a great side dish and came packed with flavour, crunch and sharpness. The Bolognese and Mac are true classics - how could anyone say no to these two goodies!

Big shout out to Tesco for featuring such a wide selection of vegan choices, and Jade Green for the lovely taste test (more here: How To Eat Vegan At Tesco).

Keep your eyes peeled for more of our favourite vegan goodies heading your way, we’re always sharing our favourite bits from around the supermarkets.

More of an online shopper these days? If you’d like to explore more vegan food in your next online daily shop, simply add The Vegan Filter to your Chrome browser. It filters out any products that aren’t vegan, so you go straight to the vegan-only products. Make your vegan shopping super easy!

Disclosure: We earn commission as an affiliate for some products we review, from vegan brands or affiliate programs. Earned commission goes towards the creation and promotion of vegan product news and the running of www.theveganfilter.com. We only promote those products we have investigated and truly feel would be of value to you.

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