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London's Answer To The Surge In Veganism


How a London-based tech startup makes it easier than ever before

to shop vegan online.


Gone are the days, when veganism was an exception to the rule. The alternative diet for the die-hard believers in a better world. There is still truth in ‘people eat meat as people eat meat’. But the critical mass to mark the vegan lifestyle as a movement was reached if not last year, then this January. More than 250,000 people in the UK and abroad took the Veganuary pledge to trial veganism for one month.


As more and more ‘omnis’ learn about veganism and aspiring vegans look to find out what it really means to go (and stay) vegan, a London-based startup makes the switch a matter of three clicks.



We crave what we know. And what we know is what we see. 

What if we could only see vegan products when shopping online?


– Isabella Aberle, creator of The Vegan Filter 



Once set up, The Vegan Filter sets vegan filters for users automatically when shopping online. So, gone are the days of unnecessary clicking?


That's the promise. 

Based on feedback from the vegan community and own experiences, the team is about to launch its welcome lifehack for newbie and long-term vegans on iconic UK retail sites. Sites include Sainsbury’s, Holland & Barrett and Marks & Spencer.

Vegan shopping - sorted. 

How exciting! 💚

The Vegan Filter


As veganism goes mainstream, more vegan products are offered to consumers than ever before. Finding these products can be time-consuming and frustrating. 


The Vegan Filter sets vegan filters automatically when users browse UK retail sites such as Sainsbury's, Holland & Barrett and Marks & Spencer.  


1.  Download The Vegan Filter              browser extension on Chrome

2.  Browse UK retail sites

3.  Vegan filters are set 

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