We set vegan filters for you on your favourite shopping sites.

We set vegan filters for you on your favourite shopping sites.

The Best Vegan Pizza & Pizza Ingredients

Here at The Vegan Filter, we aim to make veganism a lot simpler.

Working alongside various shopping websites and vegan brands, our free browser extension allows you to filter all results to vegan. Finding what you’re looking for has just become a lot more convenient- and we’re thrilled to share the best vegan products with you!

Today’s topic in our series of The Best Vegan Products is an absolutely mouth-watering, surprisingly healthy and ultimately comforting foodstuff. Healthful but indulgent, a delightful dough-based creation that many of us could eat slices upon slices of. Know what we are talking about?

Yes! Pizza!

We are so delighted to have teamed up with vegan pizza pioneers, One Planet Pizza, the UK’s first frozen vegan pizza company. A multi-award winning, purpose-driven vegan business that makes super delicious pizzas with a great variation of toppings. We are completely spoilt for choice!

Fancy a glimpse behind the box? Meet co-founder, Mike Hill, and learn all about his favourite pizza.

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One Planet Pizza are truly paving the way right now.

Mike comments: 'At One Planet Pizza we are all about making delicious plant based pizzas, that are better for you, with significantly lower salt/sugar than conventional pizzas, better for the planet being wrapped in zero to landfill packaging, and of course, better for the animals we share this world with. Since we started One Planet Pizza four years ago, we have been amazed at the reaction we have had to our range of award-winning classic pizzas. We believe we’ve created an epic range of pant-based pizzas, so there’s no need to compromise on flavour when you go vegan!'

And there is more. Not only do they offer an online pizza delivery service – One Planet Pizza Direct - you are now also given the ability to build and personalise your pizza by picking your base and ingredients of choice.

Sounds awesome? Hell yeah! Creating your pizza of dreams, what could be better!

One more thing. We’ve got a promo code for you to use when ordering your One Planet Pizza Direct pack of 4 delicious pizzas. Just enter ‘VF10’ at the checkout to get 10% off your first order.

And if you feel adventurous, why not create your own homemade pizzeria?

Being vegan, sometimes it’s a little tricky to find alternatives of the things we have often loved the most – but not with pizza! All the meat free substitutes there are and all the dairy free cheeses, show us that we can still enjoy it just as much.

We are loving the following items right now:

1. Follow Your Heart - Dairy Free Mozzarella Shreds

Cheese is an essential for us, one that melts easily and provides amazing taste which is exactly what this provides. Soya free, GMO free, Preservative free. We couldn’t be more on board with a product that really does have it all.

It hasn’t always been easy to find vegan cheese substitutes, nor have they always been readily available. Our faith, however, has been completely restored thanks to brands such as Follow Your Heart, that have brought out great quality, great tasting products!

We may use quite a lot of it, in fact we might need to buy another packet...

By far our favourite mozzarella cheese for pizza. Give it a go!

2. New Roots - Free-The-Cow Soft White Camembert 

Perfect for adding to a pizza once it’s out of the oven, this creamy, rich tasting cheese is a must have for giving even more delightful taste. All the cheeses across this brand are oil free, gluten free, raw and organic.

The distinct flavour and texture of camembert cheese can be a tricky one to master - but alas, one bite of this and there is no going back! The delightful taste is one you’ll want to indulge in more and more! So yes, we’ll take plenty of it.

Once you’ve tried this on pizza, you ain’t going back.

3. Love Seitan - Sliced Pepperoni

Of all meat replacements, seitan is the ultimate pizza topping! Love Seitan make a range of products including sliced pepperoni which is on the One Planet Pizza ‘Meatless Feast’ (and one of Mike’s favourites- see video above). High in protein, low in fat and packed with B12, so you can indulge but still be healthy.

This seitan will have you questioning everything! The accuracy of the texture as well as the taste is everything you would want if you desire a meat replacement on pizza. Or in general. We’re so grateful for these guys and this awesome product!

There’s something for every taste. Keep experimenting! And watch out for the pepperoni slices to be stocked at retailers from May 2020.

4. Mighty Pea - Banana & Oat

Looking for a cruelty free / vegan drink? If you're into alternative milk, Mighty Pea offers a plethora of flavours to cater to your taste buds. Mighty Pea is made from small - but mighty - yellow split peas and oh so smooth and creamy.

We are loving this at the moment (and Mike too!) and find it to be super refreshing especially in warmer weathers.

Full of calcium, vitamins D and B12- we can't get enough!

Finding all vegan friendly ingredients has never been easier than with the aid of The Vegan Filter – it’s like personalising your favourite omni shopping sites to your vegan lifestyle.

It’s a free browser extension that eliminates all non vegan items, so you can find just what you’re looking for without having to scan through or spend time searching for the products you desire.

You can enjoy researching all your favourite items without any hassle or endless scrolling. Sounds good right? Download The Vegan Filter here - and don’t forget to try a cheeky One Planet Pizza next time hunger strikes!

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