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About This New Browser Extension


London's answer to the surge in veganism and Los Angeles' Beyond Meat is a tech startup that redefines how we shop vegan products online. 

The Vegan Filter set out to become the most popular browser extension for the vegan community in the first two days of launch. 

Chances are good.

The idea caught fire in a local vegan Facebook group in April.

What is this service the vegan community has been waiting for all about?

The Vegan Filter sets ‘vegan’ filters automatically when users browse UK retail sites online. Instead of looking for vegan filters and setting them manually on every site on each visit, users get faster and more conveniently to what they are looking for: Vegan groceries, fashion, cosmetics and more.


The service is offered as a browser extension starting on Google Chrome. Confirmed initial retail sites include iconic brands like Sainsbury's, Holland & Barrett and Marks & Spencers.

The Vegan Filter offers a new way of shopping online for both long-time advocates and those new to the vegan lifestyle. Never before have been more vegan products introduced to the UK retail market than in 2019 year to date. It's hard to keep up to speed even for experts. Being presented with vegan-only products, helps to save time and effort, and it's easy to explore new product options.

And what's in it for retailers? 

Winners are vegan consumer brands. Now they have a chance not only to be top of mind of the vegan audience - 

But also top of page.

An exciting new take on veganism, and how to create a win/win between consumers and retailers.

The Vegan Filter


As veganism goes mainstream, more vegan products are offered to consumers than ever before. Finding these products can be time-consuming and frustrating. 


The Vegan Filter sets 'vegan' filters automatically when users browse UK retail sites such as Sainsbury's, Holland & Barrett and Marks & Spencer.  


1.  Download The Vegan Filter            browser extension on Chrome

2.  Browse UK retail sites

3.  Vegan filters are set 

More about The Vegan Filter 


We crave what we know. And what we know is what we see. 

What if we could only see vegan products when shopping online?


– Isabella Aberle, creator of The Vegan Filter